Andrew struggles with Tash’s proposition – should he travel with her to Europe or stay and work with his father. Chris’s advice is to start living his own life, not the one his father wants for him. Then when Paul has another rant at him, Andrew’s mind is made up. He’s going.

Meanwhile, Sophie breaks the news of her departure to Paul, who’s furious at being duped by his niece. When Andrew tells him he’s going travelling with Tash, Paul refuses to talk to any of them, claiming he doesn’t care any more. As Andrew, Tash and Sophie prepare to depart, Kate tries to convince Paul to see them off but he refuses to have anything to do with them. Then, at the last minute, Paul appears and gives Andrew and Sophie his blessing for their new adventures.

Sonya realises that Toadie isn’t as comfortable with her memory loss as she’d thought when he expresses his worries about her condition. Then she suddenly starts remembering key events of the wedding – her memory seems to be coming back on its own.

Also, Vanessa gets a mysterious cheque in the mail, which makes her nervous. What is she hiding? Then when Kyle and Chris notice a risqué picture of her in a magazine it seems her past is coming back to haunt her.