Will Heath harm Bianca?

Bianca is shaken by Heath’s veiled threats and warns Charlie not to hassle him again and make things worse. Annoyed at Heath’s freedom, Charlie sees his car speeding and jumps at the chance to take him down. Unfortunately, it turns out to be Cheryl Braxton, who is not happy about the fine. Cheryl blames Heath for her ticket and has a massive go at him. A sad mess, Heath barges into the Beach House to ‘talk’ to Bianca. Brax receives a panicked message from Bianca and runs to her rescue, only to find Heath lamenting the way he’s behaved.

Casey is proud of his progress at school until he finds out he has done poorly in all his trial exams. He can’t work out what went wrong. With is confidence at rock-bottom, Casey takes his frustration out on Xavier and they end up having a punch-up. He then announces he has quit school and has found a job.

Xavier is becoming more and more troubled about his relationship with April. Meanwhile, April and Dex discuss the tricky business of how to tell Xavier it’s over. April can’t face the music, so she and Dex decide to cool their relationship for a while.

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