Will Heath be able to save his marriage?

Can he convince Bianca to forgive him for his reckless actions?

Bianca and Heath come to blows over his chilling confession. Heath tells Bianca he’s willing to do anything to make their marriage work, but Bianca isn’t convinced and asks him to leave. Later, Irene talks to the couple separately; will she be able to reunite them?

Meanwhile, Raffy is like a dog with a bone. She wants to know the truth about her mother’s death and why the Morgans keep so many secrets. Will the Morgans finally come clean to their little sister?

It’s not just Raffy causing Tori problems. Alf gives Tori a letter from Duncan and she is stunned to see the contents inside the envelope. Is Tori’s love life about to take a downwards spiral? And what does that mean for her and Nate?