Will Heath stay with Bianca?

Heath apologises to Bianca for taking off after hearing she doesn’t want another baby, but he needs some time to figure out if this is the future he wants. Bianca’s upset, but Natalie cautions Bianca to give Heath a chance to process everything. Heath wants to be a dad again, but he doesn’t want to be without Bianca and so chooses her.

Spencer’s stayed over at Sasha’s so he could support Rosie and is ignoring Maddy’s calls. Later, Spencer offers to go to the hospital with Rosie. Rosie eventually decides she wants to be a mother and Spencer hugs her supportively. But Maddy sees this and misinterprets the hug to mean he has well and truly moved on.

Indi’s looking for Romeo’s passport, but Sid reveals it’s gone. Chris suggests that wherever Romeo’s gone he’d have had to have his records forwarded to the hospital he’s being treated at. She tries to hack in to the hospital computer records, but gets caught by Sid. Indi persists, but she’s finding no trace. Chris tells her not to give up.

Also, Zac and Natalie are still avoiding their problems. They know each other too well and know which buttons to push, so they decide to respect each other’s boundaries.