Will Heath support his brother?

It’s the day of Casey’s bail hearing and Brax asks Heath to be there for his brother, but Heath is still hurting and it takes wise words from Marilyn to get him to attend. Casey wins bail but the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence weighs heavily on him. Sasha tries to cheer him up, reminding him of her own court experience but Casey knows he killed his own father, so can’t be hopeful. And things don’t get any better for Casey when he gets into an argument with Heath who tells him he can’t forgive him for killing his dad.

Harvey starts to pack, convinced Roo has run off with Tim, but Alf and Marilyn persuade him to wait. He’s pleasantly surprised when Roo comes home early, claiming she’s missed him but, when Tim turns up too, Roo is forced to tell Harvey the truth about their passionate encounter. A furious Harvey confronts Tim but eventually storms off with Roo in pursuit. He wants her to tell him the truth about how she feels about Tim and she explains that she does have some residual feelings for him but loves Harvey and wants to be with him.