Will Heather confront the daddy?

Heather writes a letter to the father of her baby to tell him she’s pregnant. She heads to the Vic and looks round at the male residents of the Square, Billy, Minty, Darren, Phil and Garry, but keeps the letter. Ben is down about Phil‘s drunken behaviour and tells Heather he wishes he didn’t have a dad. Heather returns home and burns the letter.

Tanya is intrigued by the sexy new doctor Al Jenkins, but she’s left mortified when she accidentally spills coffee over him. Al suggests they go for a coffee to make up for it and Tanya is flustered. Later, Max wants ‘the family’ to spend the day with him on his birthday. Tanya is irritated that Max won’t accept that they’re no longer a couple and Jane suggests she ask Dr Jenkins on a date.

Zainab is determined to find out more about Syed’s mysterious girlfriend and Syed is bullied into confessing she’s called Amira. Zainab is annoyed when Syed brings Janine to work to help prepare the food for Amy’s christening and Zainab sneaks a peek at Syed’s phone and looks up Amira’s number.

Also, Ronnie is devastated when Roxy accidentally breaks her locket; Billy discovers that Nick wrote him the note about Jase.

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