Will Heather get George back?

Darren is doing his best to be the doting dad, but struggles to look after George and hold down a full-time job. Shirley thinks that George would be better off with Heather. Darren asks Heather to look after George when there’s a problem at the nursery. Heather is delighted to spend time with her son, but she knows that he’s better off with Darren and reluctantly returns him.

Kim reopens the B&B renamed Kimberley’s Palace. Denise puts on a brave face trying to block out memories of Lucas. Zainab worries about a distant Denise and tries to find out what’s wrong with her. Denise confesses that she’s terrified that she’ll always choose the wrong man. Kim finally books in a guest. Zainab finds them chatting and is horrified to discover that it’s her ex, Dr Yusuf Khan.

Janine and Whitney have no electricity and no food. Janine offers to look after Ricky’s kids so she can get a hot meal. Janine decides to throw a party for Ricky’s birthday. Janine tries to bake a cake, but Whitney has to step in when it goes wrong. A miffed Janine argues with Carol at the party then has a go at Whitney and storms out leaving Ricky stunned.