Will Heather go through with her termination?

Heather visits Dr Al about her termination and he’s worried she’s making the wrong decision. Heather reluctantly babysits an excitable Bobby and to her surprise she calms him down. Heather has a lovely afternoon with Bobby and she visits Dr Al again and tells him that she’s changed her mind about the termination. Al agrees that she’ll make a fantastic mum.

Syed wants Amira to make more of an effort with his family. Zainab is surprised when Amira offers to cook dinner, as she has already confessed that she’s never cooked. Amira lays on a fabulous spread, but Zainab is suspicious. Zainab later sees Amira paying the chef from Arjee Bhajee for the meal!

Denise tells Trina that she and Lucas are back together. Trina is fuming, but she redirects the conversation and begs Denise to let her have a place in Jordan’s life. Later, Trina finds the jokey note written by Jordan ‘from’ the exercise bike that Denise is fond of kicking saying ‘please don’t hurt me again – Dad does love you’. Trina smugly pockets the note and calls the police.

Also, Minty is suspicious when he sees Manda talking to Phil; Phil wins a free meal in a prize draw at the opening of the refurbished cafe.