Will Heather have to raise George alone?

Heather brings baby George home. Darren confronts her and is agitated when she insists he’s definitely George’s father. Heather offers to let Darren hold the baby, but he can’t bring himself to do it. Heather congratulates him on his engagement and sadly promises to keep the paternity a secret.

Syed shows Christian the photo and blackmail note he was sent, but Christian says the picture of them doesn’t prove anything. Syed suspects Tamwar of sending the note and tries to find out if Tamwar knows about him and Christian. Syed tells Christian that he is going to tell Amira the truth and he is stunned when Amira enters and says she already knows…

Libby talks to Patrick about Owen and he agrees that her father deserves a second chance. Libby learns that Denise has had words with Darren about their engagement and she tells Denise that she’s driving away all the important people in her life. Patrick tells Denise that she should hear Owen out and Libby is thrilled when Denise agrees to talk to him.

Also, Janine warns Archie not to get involved with Jack; Ian discovers an adoption leaflet in the house; Tamwar discovers Lucy spiked his drink.

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