Will Heather leave Jimmi?

Jimmi can’t get through to Heather and calls her mother but is disturbed when she tells him she hasn’t heard from Heather since she left hospital. Emma reveals that Phil called Heather last night and they had a long conversation, and Heather seemed upset. Jimmi finds Heather’s phone and tells Al that Phil’s been sending Heather threatening messages and he’s going to Phil’s address…

When they get there, Jimmi sees Phil and Heather canoodling and she tells him that, after her medical scare, she realised she really wanted to be with Phil. Jimmi tries to argue, but Heather admits she doesn’t really know him. He is about to leave when Phil smirks, and Jimmi punches him!

Karen won’t tell Rob where they are going for the day. It’s a secret until they get to… a house auction. Rob urges Karen not to get carried away, and she tells him just to have fun but he goes and buys a house!