Will Heather tell Minty she loves him?

Heather and Minty prepare for their hen and stag nights but there are unsaid feelings between them. Phil organises drinks at the Vic for Minty, while Shirley has organised an 80s-style hen night at the club for just Heather and her � with a George Michael impersonator. Heather admits to Shirley that she loves Minty and they rush to the Vic to tell him but Minty has already passed out at home. Meanwhile, a manicured hand flicks through a bridal magazine � it�s Hazel!

Christian enjoys having fun winding up a nervous Steven after their kiss. Christian confronts Steven and moves in to snog him and Steven responds, but he gets freaked out and scarpers. Later, Steven sees Stacey and kisses her passionately to prove a point to himself.

Jack offers to take Tanya to Heather and Minty’s wedding, without a thought for Ronnie. Meanwhile, Roxy gets drunk and argues with Ronnie and has to be taken home by Jack. He is surprised when Roxy starts talking about Sean and he realises that she is secretly seeing him.

Also, Vinnie suspects that there’s something up with Shirley when he hears a voicemail message for her from the hospital; Gus feels nervous around Sean.

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