Will Heston ask Lily about Christmas?

Heston reveals to Michelle that he hasn’t spoken with Lily about Christmas yet – Michelle urges him to bite the bullet. He tries a couple of times, and when he finally builds the courage to ask her she pre-empts his question. She surprises him by agreeing to spend Christmas with him and says that she is really looking forward to it!

Heston and Michelle set down the gauntlet for a Christmas tree competition: Heston will do one at the Mill and Michelle at the Campus and Julia is chosen to decide the winner. And Lily berates Daniel for trying to drum up business for the Granger Clinic from the Mill’s patients as it is forbidden in the terms of his contract.

Julia gets offered an olive branch by Ocean when she phones from Somerset asking Julia to join her, Liam and Marlin. Ruth tries to hide her sadness as she watches everyone leave discussing their plans. She’s left feeling very alone.

Also, Zara encounters a closed down career woman whose secret fear is threatening her relationship and stopping her from having a baby.