Will Heston be sleeping with the fishes?

Heston and Emma are preparing their honest-but-fair review on the Il Verde Olivato to submit to the paper when Zara teases them about the restaurant – they do know it’s owned by the Mob, don’t they? Emma is sceptical and insists that they press ahead with their review. When Daniel comes in on his day off to pick up one of Joe’s toys from Zara, Heston corners him for his response to Zara’s comments, and Daniel becomes worryingly on edge. He owed the family money back when he had his gambling problems and only narrowly avoided a sticky end – he urges Heston to steer clear of them. 

With that, Heston calls up their editor and manages to get the review re-submitted, re-written to paint a much less controversial picture of the restaurant.  He then tells Emma of their near-miss, with great relief, at which she goes pale – Emma had gotten wind of the review being rewritten, so pulled her own strings and had it reverted back to the original… which went to print about 20 minutes ago! It’ll soon be seen by all of Letherbridge – and no doubt the mobsters, too!

Meanwhile, when Jas checks her Mates Reconnected profile and finds more photos of her inside her living room, and suicidal messages she didn’t write, she begins to fear Al was right about there being a camera in her house. Infuriated, Jas returns to her house armed with a hammer, but just as she finds and destroys the camera, she looks out of her window to see a figure lurking across the street, spying on her with a pair of binoculars. She immediately calls Jimmi, telling him Al is spying on her. But Jimmi says it can’t be Al – he’s right here, standing next to him. Jas is alone, and in her stalker’s sights…

Also, Mandy helps a single man desperate to have a baby refocus on what is really important to him in a relationship.