It is the day of the Council Planning Meeting and Heston is ready to do his best to halt the proposed development. With Al’s help he manages to circumvent the rules and reveal Gary Lucas’s skulduggery. Rob appears and takes Gary away for questioning. Franc escapes but a recently informed Emma is outside waiting for him.

A young girl comes to The Mill and, when she is told she is pregnant, she announces she wants an abortion. Her older sister is also pregnant but is keeping her baby and the girls are conflicted as their mother is an anti-abortion campaigner. Karen manages to mediate and they both realise that despite their opposing views they need each other for support.

Franc tells Emma that he loves her and says that, although he has to go away, he will be back for her. Emma, however, reveals she knows what he has been up and slaps his face revealing that she has slashed his tyres. At that point, Rob appears and arrests Franc for starting the fire.