Heston arrives singing from The Mikado in preparation for his Nanki Poo audition. Julia, Cherry and Imogen despair when they hear him and Julia tries to dissuade him from singing at work. Heston doesn’t take the hint though and the staff have a serious discussion – someone has to stop Heston before he makes a fool of himself! Kevin volunteers and tells Heston he’s rubbish. Lauren then restores Heston’s confidence, quoting Nanki Poo.

Cherry lets slip that Karen thinks Imogen’s going to do well in her A-Levels and Imogen flips. Later, Lauren stirs things saying everyone thinks Imogen will do well. Later, Lauren is sympathetic, but then turns, saying that Imogen will get what she deserves for being a shoplifter and breaking her parents’ hearts. Lauren leaves and Imogen is left stunned.

Also, Jack offers support to some student protesters and obtains video evidence of heavy-handed policing – but what’s the right thing to do with it?