Will Heston’s panto go to plan?

It’s the day of the panto. As an exhausted Mandy tries to soldier on, Zara straps Valerie up giving her some extra strong painkillers to get her through the show and Al, Jimmi and Daniel plot about script changes. Then it’s showtime… Heston’s giving a long-winded introduction when Al whisks him off and starts the show with a bit of ad-libbed audience participation, which goes down a storm – but Heston’s horrified! Just before she goes on, Valerie takes a sip of Dutch courage from Al’s hip flask, which reacts with her medication, so it’s a different Valerie who bounds onto the stage.

Then it’s the turn of the Ugly Sisters, who have effectively torn up Heston’s script. At first they’re an excellent comedy double act but when Daniel says something much too close to the knuckle, Jimmi’s hatred of him is suddenly unleashed. Daniel and Jimmi trade vicious insults which turns into a fist fight with Mrs Tembe trying to break it up. On the plus side, Valerie’s performance ends up being quite brilliant, Howard has a certain charm and Mrs Tembe hits just the right note with her many African embellishments.

However, it’s Al’s ad-libbing that really steals the show as Heston watches destroyed. Soon it’s time for the big kiss between Cinderella and Prince Charming… but the theatre goes dark – Mandy has fallen asleep on the lighting desk. Heston scolds Mandy who finally loses it, yelling at Heston for treating her like a slave and forcing him to go on as Dandini when Mandy storms off.  Has the whole thing been a disaster?

Meanwhile, Karen gets tipsy with a hen party and ends up getting arrested for being drunk and disorderly. Back at the police station, Rob knows something’s causing great hilarity among his colleagues and soon discovers what that is when PC Ottosen takes Rob to see Karen in the cells. Karen shouts at Rob not to touch her – then informs him she’s met someone new and they are having a ‘full’ relationship. Rob’s left feeling destroyed.