Will his surname ruin Kyle’s hopes of moving out?

Ricky returns and is shocked to find out that Phoebe and Ricky are moving out. Kyle admits his surname and criminal record are stopping the pair leaving, but Phoebe says they’ll be OK as long as they are together.

Ricky tells Brax there is no reason to be scared about kids, as he did a great job with Heath and Casey. Brax says he’s not scared, but happy that he is no longer responsible for anyone else. Ricky puts her own feelings aside and tells Brax he’s enough for her.

Hannah makes it clear to Zac that Andy is a part of her life. The pair are forced to come together when Oscar goes missing from community service. Oscar turns up at Zac’s caravan admitting that Andy’s advice resulted in him getting beat up. Andy apologises and says it’s best if he moves out of the farmhouse.

Irene and Sasha are still at loggerheads over her job, and Irene refuses to budge, but when she hears the bad news about Roo, she’s forced to give Sasha her job back so she can look after the Diner.