Will Holly choose Jason or Hilton?

Holly and Jason are doing everything they can to convince Sheila to let them stay, but the old lady isn’t budging. Jason is fed up and tells Sheila to give them a break, resulting in her telling the teens exactly what she thinks of them and Cindy. She later apologises to Holly and tells her nothing’s more important than family.

Holly listens to a voicemail from Dirk about Hilton having a procedure tomorrow. Jason urges her to go home and leaves without her. Holly’s devastated about Jason leaving. Sheila finds Jason and then phones Dirk from Holly’s phone. Holly has to make a decision fast: Jason or Hilton?

A vigilant Nancy suspects Robbie spiked Patrick’s drink and when Phoebe doesn’t back him up following Finn’s intimidation, Robbie’s furious. Following more tests, Maxine finds out that there’s an increased risk her baby will have Down’s Syndrome.

Maxine is horrified when Patrick accuses her of spiking him, as he bends her arm backwards until she confesses to something she didn’t do. He lets go and she crumples to the floor, which Nancy sees. When Maxine turns up at school, Nancy spots her bruises. Nancy confides in Darren, unaware that Patrick has heard everything. He calls Nancy and Darren over to the flat, and they’re alarmed when he tells them it’s Maxine who’s been abusing him.

Cindy’s eager for her daughter to come home. Meanwhile, baby Hilton starts his first day of conditioning.