Will Holly crumble at the talent quest auditions?

Georgia is forced to referee when both Sheila and Lou end up as co-judges at the talent quest auditions. Meanwhile, Karl continues urging Holly to perform but she becomes overwhelmed by nerves, and crumbles, fleeing the audition. Karl discovers that she hates singing in public – she only did it to cheer him up.

Lauren returns from her honeymoon, while Brad comes from Adelaide having drawn a blank in the search for their daughter. He has some damage control to sort out with Terese, who is still hurt by his betrayal, while Lauren decides she needs to put her family first. But they’re both still wracked with guilt over their illicit kiss.

Lauren eventually tells Brad she wants to give up the search for her daughter to focus on the future and to her surprise Brad agrees, realising the damage his search is causing to both families. But just as they decide to let go of their lost daughter forever, there’s a shock as Paige Smith arrives in Erinsborough.

Brennan finds the file he needs, but when it comes to the crunch, he can’t take it from the building. He knows Kate wouldn’t want him to break the law. Paul is furious when he learns of Brennan’s decision, but Brennan maintains their partnership is over.