Will Holly succumb to heroin?

Thinking Cain will have told her mum that she made a pass at him, Holly decides to try to save her own skin by lying to Moira, claiming instead that her stepdad Cain tried it on with her! But Cain has said nothing about it! As a blazing row kicks off, Holly vanishes ,but leaves a message on her mum’s mobile, begging her to call her back.

Spotting Holly has left a voicemail for Moira, Cain deletes it without having heard the whole thing. Meanwhile, as heartbroken drug addict Holly waits for her mum to call, she’s tempted to take heroin to blot out the pain. Will she?

Emma reaches the end of her tether when Ross starts winding up Pete about Moira. The nurse finds herself having to tend to Finn’s hand when the youngest Barton lamps Ross. Ross is taken aback when Emma then warns him to sort himself out or sling his hook.

Liv hasn’t made any mates since starting school in the village. After chatting to Gabby about it, Liv thinks she’s got an idea which could bag her tons of friends…