Will Honey’s baby live?

Billy and Honey are terrified as the medics work on their baby and the baby miraculously starts breathing. Their little boy doesn’t have Down’s like Janet, but Billy and Honey are firm that Janet will never change in their affections. Billy and Honey call their baby boy William after his daddy.

Jase is convinced the baby is dead and he leaves the hospital in a sorry state. Meanwhile, Terry seeks out Jay and shows him old mobile phone footage of Jase beating people up. Jase returns to the Square and Terry warns him that he won’t be able to escape the gang. Jase pleads with Jay to believe that he’s a changed man and they are reunited. Meanwhile, Phil sees off Terry but he later confronts Jase and tells him that he owes him…

Steven ends up sleeping on Arthur’s bench and Pat is horrified to find him out in the cold and insists he come back to her house. Steven breaks down and confesses that he came to Walford because dad Simon has a new fiancee and kicked him out. Pat tells Steven that he can stay and she finds Ian and tells him to lump it!

Also, Peter finds out the truth about the shooting.

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