Emma wants to know how Howard is after the incident with Gary Lucas then discovers from Mrs Tembe he’s called in sick. Rob mentions Howard was in a state the day before, and had the same thing a couple of weeks ago, then tells her Imogen went through a similar phase when she was 14 – it’s clear Rob thinks Howard has Bulimia. Emma calls round to see Howard, who she finds pale and sweating among a mess of food wrappers.

Howard is mortified to be found in such a vulnerable position and tells Emma to leave – he admits he’s disgusting but can’t control himself. Emma struggles to contain her shock but finally pulls herself together and takes charge, sending Howard for a shower while she cleans up. Later, Howard opens up, explaining he’s suffered for years, on and off. Emma advises Howard to prepare a battle plan – he’s strong enough to beat this!

Meanwhile, as another catalogue of problems get in the way of Kevin and Sigourney spending the night together, Heston’s not having nearly as much trouble with Gloria! 

And when a University Lecturer admits that she is being stalked, Jas is quick to help her – but has she done the right thing?