Will Howard take another swing at fatherhood?

On the golf course, Howard tells Daniel that Emma’s pregnant and Daniel reminds him he should play a part in Emma’s decision. Howard then confesses that he already has a daughter from a previous relationship and hasn’t been there for her. Daniel changes his mind about what he said earlier and tells Howard maybe he should re-think fatherhood. Meanwhile, Emma decides to keep the baby.

The meditation session gets underway and Ayesha visualises knocking on Howard’s door but still can’t bring herself to go in. Niamh is trying to control her lust for the gorgeous Rudolph, while poor Mrs Tembe is trying to distract herself from her rumbling stomach. 

Also, Ayesha tells Hayden she isn’t going to keep covering about his drug taking. Hayden cheerfully reminds her that, if she takes him down, she’s going down too. As Hayden disappears and abandons his patients, Ayesha decides to go and see Howard…