Will Hugo and Martha leave Summer Bay?

Xavier has enjoyed having Hugo around, but he doesn’t want him to go to prison. Alf is reeling after Martha’s announcement that she has signed the farm over to him and she’s leaving the Bay, with or without Hugo. Xavier tells Hugo that Martha loves him, and she’ll want to go with him. Martha arrives and tells Hugo he has 24 hours to decide whether she’s going with him – after that she’s gone anyway.

Detective Eaves arrives from the city to investigate Killer and take him back to the city. Listening in the other room, Hugo recognises his voice as the guy he paid off when he was people smuggling. When Eaves returns to the station, there’s a shot and Angelo runs in to find Killer dead and Eaves wounded.

Ruby thinks Xavier is avoiding her and asks Irene for advice; she’s at a total loss over what to do. Ruby confronts him, confessing that she does have feelings for Liam, but nothing’s going on. He couldn’t care less and breaks up with her.

Elijah tries to warn Leah about all the ways his mother will try to trap her. He gives her a do’s and don’ts list but when Lijuan arrives, Leah is taken aback to find her to be a little Chinese lady, and someone who is nothing but sweet.

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