Will Hunter finally meet his father?

Will Hunter get the happy ending he desperately wants?

Olivia has some bad news for Hunter – his letter to Wally has been returned, but it looks as though it’s been opened and resealed. Olivia urges Hunter not to give up his search and later we see that Wally has arrived in Summer Bay and is watching Hunter. Will Wally approach his son or leave without saying a word?

Leah and Alf agree to give the Astonis a second chance, but when VJ walks through the door and explains that Ben chucked him out while he was having dinner with Coco, Leah abruptly changes her mind.

Meanwhile, Coco and Maggie tell Ben he was out of line and, the following morning, Maggie and Ben head over to the Summer Bay house to apologise to VJ. Will their apology be accepted or is the damage done?

Coco’s still struggling to make friends and things go from bad to worse when VJ tells her they should hang out with people their own age. How will Coco cope with VJ’s rejection?