Will Hunter open up to Olivia?

Sick of being asked so many questions, Hunter storms off, but Olivia soon finds him at Charlotte’s murder scene. As Olivia approaches him, he finally lets his guard down and the pair share a tender moment. After they part ways, Hunter rings Lindsay to say he has a girlfriend.

When Skye sees Oscar at The Diner looking upset, she asks him what’s wrong and he discusses his break up with Maddy. Olivia encourages him to make peace with the new couple, so Oscar decides to help Matt get the caravan spick and span for Maddy’s arrival.

Afterwards, Skye heads home, but is shocked to see her mother Carol standing in the living room and Carole tells Skye she plans to punish her…

Maddy and Matt wake up next to each other but when she bumps into Oscar, things are tense to say the least. When she tells Matt about the encounter, he suggests that she moves in with him but Roo worries that Maddy and Matt are rushing into things.