Will Hunter return to Summer Bay?

VJ waits to see if Hunter is coming home

Hunter is relived when he receives a suspended sentence and a community service. VJ is thrilled to have Hunter back in Summer Bay and Zac encourages him to start afresh.

Billie is distraught after coming face to face with her rapist. She runs home to Phoebe who offers to call the police. Billie refuses but struggles to contain her emotions when Ash arrives with a baby present. Later, Phoebe realises Billie is determined to hang on to her happiness with VJ, rather than telling the truth about being raped.

Brody is determined to make Angelo’s a success and starts by renaming the restaurant Salt. Next, he ropes in Mason to be a waiter, then shouts at Phoebe for disappearing during her shift and sacks Josh after hearing he’s in prison. Mason quietly tells his brother to stop alienating his staff, so Brody apologises to Phoebe.


Josh is released on bail, but loses his temper when he finds out he’s been sacked from Salt and Evelyn makes plans for them to hang out with Mason and Matt.