Hunter is left stunned when Jennifer turn up on his doorstep with her bags packed after arguing with her dad. Jennifer explains that she’s moving out for good, but needs a place to crash until she figures out a plan. The next morning, Olivia finds out that Jennifer is staying with Hunter, she tells him to slow things down with his new girlfriend. How will Hunter react to her advice and how will Leah feel about Jennifer staying in her home?

Meanwhile, Ben and Maggie are both deeply disappointed when they find put that they will have to spend Maggie’s birthday apart due to Ben’s flu. Will the pair work out a way of being together, without physically being together? Also, Ben receives a court order regarding his attack on Brody. Will Brody tell Maggie about the letter?

Also, Mason and Jasmine continue to grow closer when Jasmine explains that she’s a nurse. Jasmine explains his heartache over Beth and why he dropped out of his medical degree. Will their conversation force Mason to reassess his medical career?