Mrs Tembe steps up her campaign against Hutch, the rogue trader, printing off a load of flyers and posting them through doors. Lenny asks what’s up and Mrs Tembe tells him about Hutch. Lenny tells her Hutch is a scary man and he’s been ripped off by him, too.

Later, Hutch finds one of Mrs Tembe’s flyers in Lenny’s kitchen and lays into Lenny, dragging his across the floor before storming out. Mrs Tembe waits alone at a bus stop, oblivious to the fact that Hutch is coming up behind her, ready to launch an attack…

Karen and Rob host a dinner party in Al and Mo’s honour. Valerie turns up and confesses to Karen that she has cancer. Karen gives her a hug, tells her to be brave and stay for dinner. Mo arrives and Rob and Al find themselves bonding. Later, Mo pushes Al onto the bed and he responds eagerly.