Will Ian and Mandy marry?

It’s the morning of Ian and Mandy’s wedding. In desperation, Lucy throws Mandy’s wedding ring down the drain. Ian is frantic when he realises it’s missing. His stress increases when Janine interrupts his search to insist her loan is repaid by the end of the day. Meanwhile, when a Rolls Royce turns up sent by Phil, Ian worries Phil his plotting something sinister and asks Max to drive them to the Register Office instead.

Ian realises that Lucy ditched Mandy’s wedding ring. Confronting her, Lucy denies it. Lucy is livid when Ian wants her mum Cindy’s wedding ring to give to Mandy. Begging Ian to see that Mandy will destroy him, Lucy gives Ian an ultimatum: ditch Mandy or lose his daughter for good.

Lucy is stunned when Ian tells her to leave, he chooses Mandy! Phil wants a word with Ian but Ian warns Phil to stay away or he’ll tell everyone what Phil and Ben did. Realising people are listening, Phil laughs it off. Ian returns home to find Mandy packing as she’s had enough of the drama. Ian is on his knees in the Square, begging, as Mandy walks away. Lucy gently ushers Ian home then goes to get help. When she returns, Ian is gone….