Will Ian betray Jane?

Ian wakes up with a hangover and remembers the offer he made to Clare. He’s stunned when Jane reveals she wants to go for dinner and to the hotel after all. Ian is secretly relieved when an angry Jane storms out after he leaves her to sort out a mistake he made with the catering business. Ian has the house to himself and he furtively calls Clare, who comes straight round…

Tanya is sad when Abi tries to hide her delight at spending the day with her dad and to make Abi feel better Tanya tells her that she sometimes misses Max, too. Abi passes on Tanya’s comment to Max, who is hopeful. Meanwhile, Sean demands to know where he stands with Tanya, but she can’t give him an answer.

Charlie cheats on his charity diet by secretly scoffing sweeties. Yolande challenges him to a game of badminton and he smuggles them along. On the way home, Yolande sits on one of his humbugs and when he gingerly tries to retrieve it, Yolande accuses him of groping her bum!

Also, Dawn tries to encourage Jay to testify against Tegs when he admits that he wants to back out.

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