Will Ian call the police on Jean and Bianca?

Ian is furious after Jean’s shock revelation regarding the fire at Scarlett’s and, after letting slip that more people are involved, Jean does a runner from the restaurant. When Kat, Bianca and Shirley see Jean running into the Vic with Ian in hot pursuit, they realise that Ian has found out the truth. Insisting Alfie call the police, Ian soon works out Bianca was also involved, leaving her terrified she’ll be sent back to prison.

Kirsty and Carl go to the care home to see Carl’s mum Nora. When Nora asks Kirsty when she’s going to get a grandchild, Kirsty is about to tell Nora the truth, until Nora says it would break her heart tif Kirsty and Carl ever split up. Carl’s left alone with Nora, who drops her sweet old lady act, telling Carl he’s pathetic and better not let Kirsty go.

In the Vic, Michael is troubled when Roxy tells him that Janine and Danny are flirting. Interrupting them, Michael tells Danny he wants to get to know him better. When Janine is out of earshot, Danny turns the tables on Michael and pretends o flirt with him, knowing it will leave Michael unsettled.

Also, Kat puts on a brave face as Alfie and Roxy announce their engagement.