Will Ian ever trust Mandy?

Mandy is upset when she’s not on Bobby’s family tree school project. Mandy pushes a glass of juice over it, claiming it was an accident, then helps Bobby redo the family tree. Mandy asks Ian what’s the point in her being a part of the family if she hasn’t got a place on there. Mandy is thrilled when Ian helps Bobby add her face to the family tree.

Jay lies to the police that he saw Andrew on the night of Heather’s murder to get him off. Meanwhile, Ben’s found out Jay is with the police and Phil has to stop him doing a runner. Jay returns home and sadly tells an upset Ben he wants his brother back. Phil tells the boys there’s nothing linking them to the murder. Alone, Ben pulls out the bloodied frame from under his mattress…

Alfie is worried about cash flow at the Vic and has to put up the prices. Kim suggests getting rid of one of the chefs to wind up a listening Ray, still cross with him for flirting with Roxy. Alfie instead tells Jean he can’t keep her on any more. Jean is devastated and he quickly reinstates her as ‘events manager’. Jean decides to organise a tribute night for Heather.