Will Ian leave Phil to die?

Ian tells Glenda to call an ambulance. Ian taunts Phil as he lies on the floor. Phil’s condition starts to deteriorate. Ian leans in to check Phil is breathing and Phil grabs Ian’s arm and threatens to take Jane from him. Ian flees and when he sees the ambulance he tells them it was a hoax call. Phil begs Ian to call them back, but Ian walks out of the room… suddenly the paramedics burst in and save Phil – Ian’s conscience got the better of him. Later, Shirley visits Phil in hospital and Phil proposes!

Jane and Shirley have arranged for Ben’s teacher to visit them at home. Jane squeezes a nervous Shirley’s arm to calm her down and the teacher assumes they are a couple. Ben turns up with a split lip. He breaks down and confesses to being bullied at the Young Offenders Institute.

Ronnie overhears Roxy talking to Ronnie’s baby and asking if he’d like ‘a little friend’. Ronnie is confused and Roxy confesses she’s agreed to have a baby for Christian. Ronnie is shocked and realises that Roxy really wants a baby with Christian and isn’t interested in helping out Syed.

Also, Ryan begs Whitney not to move in with Janine.