Tanya is frustrated that Lucy still won’t speak to her dad, concerned to learn that Joey is now living with her. When Tanya warns Lucy not to let Joey influence her decision Lucy insists that Joey has nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, Phil takes a still mute Ian to his house after realising what a state he’s in. As Shirley starts talking about George and Heather, Ian looks alarmed as memories of Ben’s confession flood back…

Ray throws an awkward glance at Kat as he tells Alfie he can’t play for the team any more. Alfie is dismayed that the players are dropping like flies. Kat takes matters into her own hands and gives the team a pep talk, convincing them not to throw in the towel. Michael and Derek look on in admiration.

Tyler suggests Anthony should turn Alice off him to stop Derek forcing him to take her on dates. On the date, Alice confronts Anthony over his strange behaviour but it breaks the ice and they share a laugh. Anthony thinks he’s off the hook, but Derek collars him, warning him that Alice is more smitten than ever and he needs to treat her like a princess!