Will Ian stick to his diet?

Ian’s annoyed with Jane’s nagging about his health but will someone else encourage him to change things around?

Jane is surprised when despite his earlier resistance, Ian agrees to go to the slimming club. After making a bit of banter with some of the other participants, Ian becomes more enthusiastic about attending. Jane’s shocked when later, Ian goes for a run without complaining!

Stacey is irritated when Martin gets angry about the fact she’s let Kush help her with Arthur. Fed up with Martin’s continuing feud with Kush, Stacey gives Martin an earful, encouraging him to think about his behaviour. Will he make things up with Kush?

Kim is fired up over the proposed closure of the Community Centre and arranges a residents’ meeting. When Denise refuses to get involved, or even be interested, Kim is angry. Meanwhile, Denise takes her completed application form to the job centre but gets more disappointing news and is advised to visit the food bank…

Also, Whitney gets a letter from Lee’s lawyer about a divorce.