Will Ian turn Ben in?

A relieved Phil realises Shirley didn’t hear him talking about the murder. Phil tells Shirley that he still loves her. Phil comforts Shirley as she cries over losing her best friend and the reunited couple return to the Mitchells’ together. Meanwhile, Ian tells Ben he’ll drive him to the police station to confess. Phil sees them leave and follows in a cab. Outside the police station, Phil and Ian argue about what’s best for Ben. Ben stares at the police station, in a dilemma…

Derek is still with the police as the Brannings do their best to entertain Alice. Cora, Jack and Dot say kind things about Derek, but Alice notices that Tanya is quiet. When Tanya finally tells Alice the truth about Derek’s past, Alice makes a hasty exit. After the police fail to find Derek’s illegal booze, he heads back to the Brannings’, only to see Alice leaving in a cab.

Kim tells a tickled Denise about her embarrassment the day before, when she opened the door to Ray in a sexy outfit only to find Ray with his daughter Sasha. Kim tries to avoid Ray, but is eventually spotted by Ray and Sasha. Kim confesses that although she likes Ray, she can’t handle his kid.