Will Imogen find out Karen’s secret?

Imogen finds Karen throwing up in the bathroom, but is only worried in case she catches whatever she has. Rob goes in to work to check up on Karen and Zara congratulates him thinking he knows about the baby. Rob assumes she means the CID job and Karen manages to get to them before either work out they are talking at cross purposes.

Meanwhile, Heston, Julia, Daniel and Zara are all upset at attending a funeral – but it’s not Simon’s – it’s that of a young patient who died of cancer. Simon is at home in bed, but Cherry can’t help getting upset at thinking it could have been his. Simon reassures her he isn’t going anywhere.

Julia skypes Ruth, but can’t bring herself to tell her about Simon.

Karen resolves to tell Rob about the baby that evening, but when he comes in, he upsets her saying she’s gained some extra padding over Christmas. Imogen then arrives and the moment is lost.

Elaine offers medical advice to a stranger, which has a life-changing impact on the woman.

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