Will Imogen go all the way with Tyler?

Imogen finds herself in Tyler’s bedroom but reluctantly admits she still has feelings for Daniel. Tyler is confused, and Imogen flees in a panic. She confides in Paige, who reassures her she did the right thing but Imogen breaks down, hating herself for loving the unattainable Daniel.

Lauren suspects Bailey’s been drinking again and Paige lashes out at her brother for being a brat. Fired up, Bailey screams at the family, accusing them of forgetting about Matt before storming out. Lauren is beside herself with worry the following morning when she discovers he hasn’t been home all night.

Dimato tells Tyler he’s dropping another car at the garage later. But after things go wrong with Imogen he forgets all about the job. Meanwhile, Bailey unwittingly gets caught up in Tyler’s mess, when he happens upon the car and steals the already stolen car.

Karl apologises for not believing Georgia about Nick and explains that while the hospital is willing to re-instate her immediately, they are not prepared to publicly acknowledge the hospital’s part in damaging her reputation.