Tracey tells Brad she has a lead, but the cost of searching for his daughter is too high so he’s forced to continue the search on his own. Meanwhile, the tension between Brad and Imogen escalates. Concerned, Imogen thinks he should tell Terese and Lauren, but Brad refuses. A cross purposes discussion with Sonya leads Imogen to blow the whistle on Brad, who is caught by Terese trying to leave for Adelaide.

Amber is having a hard time dealing with Daniel’s revelation that they share an intense vibe, and asks him what’s going on, but he stresses his interest in her isn’t romantic. Amber’s clearly confused and Imogen says she has to tell Josh.

When she does, an angry Josh confronts Daniel. But his anger quickly turns to confusion, as Daniel explains he and Amber have a connection which comes out creatively but Josh has nothing to worry about. Josh tells Amber who, despite agreeing, starts reflecting on her relationship with Josh.

Callum is called into the Principal’s office and is surprised to hear his app has been selected as a national finalist in a school design competition. Meanwhile, Josie worries about Bailey’s drinking when Callum goes to tell him about his app and Bailey goes on a hurtful attack.