Will Imogen’s broken heart lead her to relapse?

Imogen is reeling from having seen her unrequited love, Mason kissing Rhiannon. Later, Terese discovers that Imogen has missed her counselling appointment and she rushes home to finds Imogen with a bag of junk food. Humiliated, Imogen runs away. Later, Imogen finally admits to her mother that she almost binged again but knew it wouldn’t change anything. Terese is proud, but Imogen admits it doesn’t change the fact her heart is broken.

Rhiannon has started her orientation at Lassiters – and Terese is not happy about it. After Terese tells her she’s not adequately trained for front desk duties, Mason whisks Rhiannon off to learn the ropes of housekeeping, but Rhiannon doesn’t understand why Terese won’t give her a shot.

Later, an important client of Lassiters complains about the bed linen that Rhiannon made up. For a laugh, Rhiannon decides to short sheet the bed, but the guest cancels all future stays at the hotel. When Paul finds out he’s furious, but Terese reminds him that he hired Rhiannon.

When Rhiannon dumps Jackson on the Kennedy’s again, they begin to argue over who is going to look after him. When Jackson’s nowhere to be found, Karl and Susan think he’s run away because he overheard their argument.