Will Indi defy Sid?

Romeo and Indi have had a day to let things sink in and decide that it’s time to spread their good news. They tell Roo that they’re getting married – this afternoon! The couple believes Roo is in shock, but she is actually in despair. She knows Sid will hold her responsible. She plucks up the courage to tell him the news of the wedding and promises to try and delay it. Can Sid arrive in time to stop the wedding?

Roo forms a plan to try and prevent the wedding. She lets slip that she thinks the sudden proposal is due to Romeo’s fear of losing Indi forever if she takes Marty’s job offer. Indi confronts Romeo. Romeo reads her his vows and it looks like the pair do really love each other. The wedding is back on!

Sid arrives just in time, before everything gets under way, but there is nothing he can do to stop the ceremony going ahead. After a strong appeal from Romeo, Sid finally gives the couple his approval. Roo teases Sid for being unromantic, and in an attempt to prove her wrong, Sid surprises her with a kiss!

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