Will Indi give Jody a chance?

Roo makes her escape from Sid’s after his ex-wife’s arrival. Sid tries to work out why she’s here. Jody wants to repair her relationship with her children, especially Indi. Indi learns her mother is in town and confronts Dex. She’s shocked to learn that her mother is staying at the farm! Sid finds Jody crying after Indi’s refusal to see her and can’t help but comfort her. Dex sees this and wonders what it could mean.

Miles and Leah go for their first pregnancy check up. Leah discovers that Miles is on anti-psychotic medication, and they argue over his secrecy. The fight upsets VJ and Miles has a talk with him, where VJ admits he is scared that things will go wrong with the baby and Miles will leave them. Miles promises this won’t happen. Miles then confides in Alf that he is going to propose to Leah.

Alf organises a meeting with the council to try and come to an agreement about the illegal mooring of the boat, but Romeo is caught up in Indi’s issues and misses the meeting. Alf tells Romeo the council want the boat gone in 14 days. Alf wants to appeal and Romeo wants to fight for his business, but Indi must come first.