Chris agrees to meet Indi that night, where she explains to him that falling in love with him scared her and she’s not over Romeo yet. He offers to wait for her, but Indi tells him that she may never be ready.

With Roo’s refusal to think of anything but Harvey returning, Alf, Marilyn and John struggle to try to help her. Alf becomes even more worried when Roo asks to borrow money so she can fly to Hong Kong to convince the local authorities to continue the search. In a private moment, Roo breaks down and confides to Alf that she doesn’t know what to do.

Dex is excited about his upcoming Star Wars nuptials, but his good mood is dampened by Sasha and Indi’s break-up. The next morning, Dex is waiting on quotes for Star Wars costumes for the wedding but when he opens his computer, he sees an email to April from her father about her ‘stay in Paris.’

Jett is upset about losing Nina when she suddenly shows up. After a fun night, Jett discovers that Nina doesn’t have permission to be there and agrees to hide her in his room. The next morning, John catches Jett sleeping on the couch and is suspicious. Jett brings Nina out of his room and John to catch them.