Kane tells Irene that life on the run isn’t fair on Oliver, and they want her to look after him permanently. Surprised, Irene isn’t sure she wants to take on such a big responsibility, or indeed if it’s the right thing to do. They are interrupted by Alf who is shocked to see Kane, and to hear what’s going on with Oliver.

Alf suggests talking to Jack to see if he can help. But Kane’s convinced if he turns himself in, he’ll go straight to jail, and might even end up taking Kirsty and Irene with him. When Alf hears Kane’s story, he promises to pretend he never saw him. When Alf leaves, Irene agrees to take Oliver.

A job looking after children gives Jack food for thought about the child he almost had with Sam. Finally, he approaches Martha and suggests it’s time they had a baby of their own. With Martha already pregnant, will she reveal all to Jack?

Ross wants to make up with Morag after his extreme reaction to her suggestion of more commitment. But, still hurting, Morag isn’t interested. Later, Martha overhears Ross on the phone, and concludes he is still married. She confronts Ross, who decides it’s time to share the truth with Morag…

*Showing on RTE One, Friday July 18*