Irene ropes in Tori to convince Ash to move in with her. So Tori visits Ash and tells him to take the help that is being offered. After some careful consideration, Ash takes Irene up on her offer and moves in! When Tori helps him pack up his belongings, they find an old picture of him and Kat and things become awkward. Tori rushes off and tells Leah how she felt. Meanwhile, Irene realises that Ash has feelings for Tori – will she play match maker?

Meanwhile, VJ is worried after finding Coco vomiting after lunch. Coco tells him she’s fine, but he doesn’t believe her. VJ tells Raffy and they both alert Roo, who sends her to the sick bay; their conversation is overheard by Jennifer who realises Coco has an eating disorder. Jennifer follows Coco to the nurses’ room and starts to blackmails Coco. Will Coco give into her demands in order to avoid her secret being exposed?

At The Diner, Olivia sees Hunter and he acts out of character. Worried that he’s hiding something, she asks John to do some digging. Will they find out what Hunter’s secret is?