Will is knocked unconscious in the stables!

Ryan has booked a horse-riding lesson with Katie under another name and she’s shocked when he turns up. Will and Maisie watch Ryan while having a picnic, and ask him and Katie to join them after the lesson. As Maisie, Katie and Ryan enjoy a drink, Will sneaks off to look in the stables. They hear him screaming for help and run to the stable to find the horse in a frenzy and Will unconscious. Ryan rushes in to rescue Will and drags him out.

Moira and John are relieved when they receive confirmation that Aaron has dropped the charges. However, John’s put out when Zak refuses his offer of a drink in the pub later that day.

Laurel and Ashley have invited Vincent and Sally round for lunch and there’s an awkward atmosphere between Ashley and Sally. It’s clear they have a history together and Ashley’s uncomfortable when she asks him if he’s told Laurel about their past.

Also, Val is up to something and asks Diane to put some champagne on ice for her; Marlon is put out when Moira criticises his food and is annoyed when Diane offers her some shifts at the pub.

*Second episode, 8pm*

Natasha grudgingly thanks Ryan for saving Will but tells Mark that there’s no way she’s going to let him into their lives. Mark goes over to Faye’s and asks to see Ryan to thank him face to face. Faye is hopeful that Mark’s cracking and tells him to tell Natasha not to worry, as Ryan will soon be out of their lives. Natasha finds Mark brooding in the office and he tells her he can’t just turn off his feelings for his son. She insists he is nothing more than a sperm donor to Ryan and Mark agrees not to see him again.

Laurel warms to Sally over lunch, and tells Ashley how much she likes her. However, when he admits that he used to date her and she dumped him for Vincent, Laurel is thrown.

Val is plotting a surprise for Pollard and he’s shocked when she tells him to grab a suitcase. However, he’s less than impressed when Val takes him to see a B&B – as Louise needs a quick sale for her half. Pollard is unconvinced in but agrees to sleep on it.

Also, Marlon refuses to warm to Moira during her first shift in the pub and feels left out when Diane invites her to stay.