Will it be a holiday or hospital for Carla?

As Peter is rushed to intensive care, Rob secretly hopes it’s the end for Peter. As the Barlows nervously wait for news, Carla sets off on holiday, but is shocked by this latest turn of events – her feelings for her ex take over and she does a U-turn to head for the hospital.

Kylie’s embarrassed when Max behaves badly in front of the psychiatrist, clearly unable to concentrate. The psychiatrist suggests she observes Max in school before making an assessment. Meanwhile, David confides in Gail that he’s worried Kylie will want to contact Max’s dad because of his condition.

Under pressure from Fiz, Tony ups his offer of compensation to £2k. Tyrone reckons they should accept it but Fiz is less convinced.

Luke and Katy continue to wind up Steph and insist she joins them for a romantic meal. Steph’s clearly uncomfortable as they paw over each other; Steve frets over his lack of a cricket team; while Liz is intrigued to learn it was Jim who saved Peter’s life by alerting the prison staff when he found Peter in a coma.