Jimmi is woken by Sissy. She’s determined today they will consummate their love, so hasn’t brought him any drugs. He cautiously plays along and suggests she loosen the chains and changes back into the negligee she wore once before. Sissy falls for it and while she’s away he makes a run for the door.

Karen suggests Rob try a particular wool shop in Letherbridge where the siblings may well have sourced their horrible, old-fashioned wool to make Jimmi gifts. Rob strikes lucky at the shop because Sissy is a regular customer there, but the old dear can only remember the road they live on.

When Sissy sees Jimmi run for the door, she beats him to it but to her horror Rob knocks on the door. Sissy knocks Jimmi out, and stuffs him in a cupboard, gagged and chained, then she offers Rob tea and chats to him. As he leaves, he phones the station and says they need to get a search warrant for the house – pronto!

They’ll have to deal with Jimmi, Ivor explains darkly, and goes to the shed. Jimmi talks a petrified Sissy into giving him the keys to his chains. When Ivor returns, he pretends to still be chained up. When the siblings argue he takes his chance to escape, running for the door – freedom!

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