Joseph is shaken when Faye continues to suspect that Jac is pregnant and he decides that Jac must leave Holby. After calling a professor he knows, Joseph is in high spirits and Jac wonders why a professor is calling her with a job offer. But when Jac realises that Joseph has put her up for the position, she confronts him so Joseph, getting desperate, hands over a cheque to keep her quiet. Later, Jac tells staff she’s got an announcement to make. Is she going to tell everyone she’s pregnant?

Connie tells Ric she will fight him for the Director of Surgery job, making Ric more determined than ever to pursue his new healthy living program. Ric decides to make overweight teen Frankie Moore the focus of the campaign and, when Connie hears this, she approaches Frankie about having a gastric band fitted privately. A furious Ric can’t believe all his effort has been ruined because of Connie – but with lazy Frankie keen on the quick-fix route, it looks like Connie has won this round.

Also, Daisha feels stupid after failing to spot that Baby Joe is suffering from bronquilitis, and seems to be struggling with being a working mum.